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International Roadcheck Results

2020 International Roadcheck Results

More than 50,000 North American Standard Level I, II, III and V Inspections were conducted throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S. during 2020 International Roadcheck. The overall vehicle out-of-service rate in North America, for Level I, II and V Inspections combined, was 20.9%. View the 2020 press release.

2019 International Roadcheck Results

Inspectors conducted 67,072 inspections on commercial motor vehicles in Canada and the U.S. as part CVSA’s International Roadcheck. During those three days, 12,019 vehicles were removed from roadways due to critical vehicle inspection item violations and 2,784 drivers were placed out of service for driver-related violations. That’s a 17.9% overall vehicle out-of-service rate and a 4.2% driver out-of-service rate. View the 2019 press release.

2018 International Roadcheck Results

Commercial motor vehicle enforcement personnel conducted 67,603 inspections on large trucks and buses. 21.6 percent of commercial motor vehicles that received Level I Inspections were placed out of service; 3.9 percent of drivers who received a Level I, II or III Inspection were placed out of service. View the 2018 press release.

2017 International Roadcheck Results

Twenty-three percent of vehicles and 4.2 percent of drivers that received Level I Inspections were placed out of service. View the 2017 press release.