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Driver Trainers: ‘Improving Driver Behaviors’ Kit

Commercial motor vehicle drivers receive extensive training before they are allowed behind the wheel and on our roadways. However, once a licensed driver starts his or her career, it is important to update and improve those skills with additional training and education throughout a driver’s career.

Operation Safe Driver is committed to improving driving behaviors among commercial vehicle drivers. Even the most seasoned drivers acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. We have created educational kits for motor carrier safety personnel and their drivers for the sole purpose of improving professional commercial motor vehicle driver behaviors. The materials have been designed to build on the drivers’ existing knowledge and previous training while covering topics not normally outlined in other driver training materials. We give you the tools to help you help your drivers.

Fill out an online order form and immediately receive complimentary PowerPoint presentations, videos and flyers for download that you can use to educate commercial vehicle drivers about the rules of the road, distracted driving, defensive driving and more.